Every day, we awaken and it is faith that propels us ahead. Most of us learned as school children that we are hurtling through space around our sun at a speed of nearly 67,000 miles per hour. We have faith that even at these dizzying speeds our planet will hold us on its surface via gravity without being launched into space.

Life on Earth has its risks. The question is this: how do we live when risks are a fact of life? The risk of being on a planet spinning around in the middle of absolutely nowhere hardly registers the tiniest blip on our fear screen. We faithfully assume that all forces are going to continue to work together in harmony to ensure our safety and the life of our planet.

However, other much smaller but personal matters can send the fear needle on our risk meter into our danger zone. On a road in a state park in Indiana, at the top of a hill I saw a sign with these words: “Caution. Steep Hill Ahead. Proceed at Your Own Risk.” We all proceed through life at our own risk, unless we are small children.

Your experience is a reflection of what you tuck away in your deep heart, in the core of your being. You tuck away that the universe is either a friendly place or it’s not. This earthly experience is largely for your enjoyment and learning as you progress on the wheel of life or for your fears to rule the day. Even with the risks as they are, which would you rather embrace?

Let this day point out to you how entrenched your fears may be and how they inhibit and determine your choices and behavior. Without putting yourself in real danger, be willing to take one fear and risk not allowing it to stop you. Go ahead! It’s like a loving parent encouraging you to have faith and come down the slide. They assure you they will be at the bottom to catch you. Eventually you let go and discover how fun and safe it really is.