High atop a hill in a northern district of Paris sits the magnificent Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, known to Parisians simply as Sacre Coeur (sounds like purr), meaning “sacred heart.” Filing through its awe-inspiring interior with the moving mass of pilgrims, tourists, and worshippers, I was deeply moved by its great blue and gold dome mosaic of Jesus standing tall with outstretched arms and a shining gold radiating heart. I felt such deep emotion. The artist powerfully reminded me of what we all possess: a sacred heart.

Here’s how I experience it and what I’ve learned about its presence through all the vulnerabilities and shifts of my human experience.

The sacred heart, or spiritual heart, or deep heart, as it is sometimes called, is a vibrational pattern which emanates from the lower center of our chest. It circulates through our bodies and extends out well beyond our physical shape into the space around us.

As a vibrational pattern, the sacred heart ignites a quality of self-awareness and presence which generates the inspiration and courage to self-express without hiding our true light. This quality gives birth to ways of communicating, serving, and creating that flow and radiate love, ingenuity, imagination, and new energy into every aspect of life. This sacred energy, expressed and understood in this light, is a one-of-a-kind manifestation of intelligence and generosity of spirit which can serve as the orchestrator for all that we are as spiritual humans.

Simply put, the sacred heart is the imprint of Divine Presence in our core which moves us in all the ways described above. It is my deepest conviction that the sacred heart is our greatest inner resource.

Wherever you are right now, if you can do it safely, after several deep breaths, focus on the lower center of your chest while you continue to breathe slowly and deeply. Keeping that focus, now gently lean back just a bit, if you can safely, and stretch your arms straight out from your side with your chest open wide. Notice what this feels like. Now, while holding this sacred pose, for as long as you are comfortably able, radiate love and compassion out to the world from your center, your sacre coeur. Be the heart of the world, a love without end. Namaste.