The well-known spiritual teacher Krishnamurti was once asked, “What is the secret to your happiness?” He answered, “I don’t mind what happens.” Being in resistance to what takes place often prolongs pain, suffering, and confusion.

Chasing after the tail of why something happened or who’s to blame or exacting justice always prolongs the hurt and keeps you stuck in painful loops of reactive nonsense. What matters is staying in contact with the feelings moving through you and being responsive to how to return to your center.

End your struggle against what happens. You will become increasingly alive rather than having your life energy siphoned away. It takes a great deal of energy every day to resist. You know this.

Let go of your end of the rope today. What does this mean? Rather than hiding, avoiding, or projecting onto others the turmoil within you, be present to what you are truly feeling by letting go of your resistance.

Begin establishing emotional literacy and intelligence in your life by becoming aware of what you are feeling.

* Stay attuned with your heartspace throughout your day via heart-connected breathing.

* Notice when you are reacting to interactions and events of the day. Stay awake to what you are feeling in these moments rather than automatically letting your reactive, judgmental, fearful mind take over and keep you from being present to what you feel. Simply ask yourself, “What am I feeling?” Breathe and stay heart-connected and let the identity of your feeling come to you. Be present with it; not reacting from it.

* Resist not. This is the way of the heart.