Resentment is a revealing word. It is an inner disturbance which is repeatedly being “re-sent” from your past via a thought, belief, feeling, or memory. It then becomes calcified in consciousness at the cellular level, resistant to change, and contributes to illness or injury.

It is the nature of living organisms to create waves of new life, new cells, new visions, new viewpoints.

Remember, the heart is the transmitter. When thoughts and feelings move through the heartspace, they become much more effective in calming your nervous system and generating a lasting, healing effect. This is truly one of the treasures of the heart.

* Take a few moments to become centered and relaxed in your heartspace. Get into your heart-centered presence and out of the judgments of your mind.

* Set a clear intention to dissolve right now any resentments you still hold toward anyone, including yourself.

* Bring into your awareness a specific resentment you still harbor against yourself or someone else. Stay aware of this resentment, keeping it in the background. Now, with loving conviction and heart-powered energy, prayerfully repeat the following phrase at least seven times: “from a particle to a wave.” This energizes a transmission to the consciousness within your cells for “waves” of energy to dissolve the remnants of resentment. Follow this phrase with “Resentment is dissolving now. Thank you.” Repeat these powerful phrases over and over and over for several minutes or longer. Let your intuition guide you.