“Groundbreaking Solutions for Living Wisely and Authentically
in this Age of Rapid Change”

Heart Power by Ed Conrad


Going Deeper Into the Heart of Who You Are One Day at a Time

This 2018 revised, updated edition of the daily reader Heart Power is filled with bold, honest, inspiring reflections on everyday life and points us toward how to “live with great heart.” As a reader, your takeaways could be:
– A quieting of the fearful, judgmental voice inside your head
– Compassion and Forgiveness
– Heart-mind coherence and how this could change your life
– Reduced stress and anxiety
– Spiritual deepening and renewal
– Clarity about your destiny and purpose
– Expansive, lasting benefits of an open heart

We are clearly in need of a new inner compass and navigation system for our everyday lives. The rapid-paced, time-consuming, information-packed, emotionally chaotic lives of today generate harmful side effects. Take heart. Both current scientific discoveries and insights from ageless spiritual wisdom have revealed the wide-ranging transformational capacities of the heart and its electromagnetic field of energy. Begin your daily journey of discovery into the powers of the heart.

This book is deeply satisfying to the heart, mind, spirit and soul–it is even deeply satisfying, with its beautiful cover and 365+ pages, to the eye and the hand. Ed Conrad has created a work of depth and breadth…This book, in it’s simplicity and profundity at once, will leave you tickled and teared up all at once–and is sure to stretch your heart open, one day at a time.

-Rebecca F

…beautiful, vulnerable, powerful are words I would use to describe Ed Conrad’s book, Heart Power. What I especially like is how he begins each day with a nugget of timeless, spiritual wisdom which he then ties to his own personal reflections on life. It’s a book you can pick up at any time, open to any page, and immediately connect with your heart energy. I highly recommend it!

-Sherry F

Reading Heart Power each morning has become my daily ritual. The author’s voice is authentic and heart-felt and in these difficult times, the daily musings offer hope and comfort. I have given Heart Power to dear friends who’ve told me it has become an integral part of their day as well. Simple and straight-forward, I whole-heartedly recommend this book. Inspirational. Effective. Truthful.

-Candyce R


99 Daily Practices for Igniting Heart-Mind Coherence

For thousand of years, indigenous traditions and renowned sages of spiritual wisdom have celebrated the power and mystique of the heart. Recent scientific research has begun to unmask this mystique and reveal that the heart is a center of uncommon intelligence and generates a potent field of energy.

Newly released in June of 2018, The Heart-Powered Path is a handbook of 99 heart-powered practices designed to ignite a permanent change in how you think, feel, and experience being you. If you choose to integrate these practices daily, you’ll likely begin to notice the following:
1. Sharper intuitive, creative, and cognitive abilities via heart/mind coherence
2. Quieting of the fearful, judgmental inner messaging from your past
3. A richer relationship with the love and compassion within you
4. Greater access to the positive power of emotion
5. Clearer understanding of how to apply the science of energy in daily life
6. Spiritual healing

Commit to the heart-powered path in your life beginning today.

Heart Power by Ed Conrad

“I must share how much I love this book, my daily companion. I know for certain I will be getting these to give as gifts for my favorite folks.”

-P. Foss