Each day we come to the altar of our lives and decide what we shall place there as an inner offering. It could be anxiety or worry, forgiveness or willingness, fear or inadequacy, courage or serenity, playfulness or joy. This offering then becomes the leading edge of our experience.

What I may finally be getting about daily life is that it can be distilled down to one offering: love myself. Some of the painful experiences we have gone through or soul impressions brought into this life have somewhat muted and masked how to love ourselves. We either reach down in our souls and love ourselves or not. This is the day-to-day-fulcrum of decision.

In recent days, I have been experiencing the teeter-tottering of this fulcrum. I’ve felt uneasy. Yet, as I’ve recognized what’s going on within me, I’ve been able to begin to see how I have endarkened the light of this love. There is some self-forgiveness to do, some honest looking at my choices, and some changes to make. I’m grateful.

Many of you are alongside in your need to transform your relationship with yourself. It is true. Love will come to you when you love yourself.